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    Euro 2 only coin Acceptor selector


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    Euro only coin validator
    Euro only coin validator
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    Euro 2 only coin validator Acceptor slot selector

    Euro 1 only coin validator Acceptor slot selector

    1 coin acceptance,handle different countrys coins ,pulse output signal ,12v input


    Product name: GD 006A Single-coin intelligent validator

    Voltage:DC+12V discrepancy 20%

    Temperature:-10Celsius degree to +50Celsius degree

    Coin diameter :10.8mm -31mm

    Coin thickness: 1.2mm-3.0mm in thickness


    Programmable for one coin type based on coin material.thickness and size -Quick release face plate for easy maintenance -

    Black color face plate with push button type coin release

    (Suggested for use in: Europe / USA / Canada / Asia)

    GD Y006A Intelligent Coin Acceptora

    1. Product Brief Introduction

    (1) Acceptance: One Coins Only

    .Press program coin button 3 sec.Program 1 coin 30 times.

    (2) Supply voltage:DC+12V discrepancy 20%,quiescent current less than 40mA,dynamic current less than 400mA.

    (3) Output Mode: Audion Open-collector output

    (4) Supply Voltage: DC+12V discrepancy 20%

    (5) Tempreture: -10Celsius degree ~ +60Celsius degree


    (1) According to the machine specification.choose N.O(Normal Open)/N.C(Normal Close)

    (2) Switch "SW1" to right place to set right speed of coin acceptance signal to synchronize with your machine: Fast(20ms)short pulse signal.suitable for Big Mario Machines Medium(40ms)medium pulse signal .suitable for small Mario Machines Slow(60ms) long pulse signal.suitable for common entertainment machines

    (3)"SW2" is for the sensitivity of the coin selection.it has three gears(Normal/Precise/Relax),for common machines.usually choose "Normal ",if there’s lot of true coin rejection.please choose "Relax".

    (4) Connection Diagram

    a) Gray wire

    b) Black wire —Ground

    c) White wire —COIN signal

    d) Red wire —DC+12V Gray wire

    3.Failure Recovery Please read the following instruction if the coins can’t be in inserted smoothly or the anti-false-coin function drops.

    (1) Check if there’s any blocks in the coin channel.

    (2) Press the setting button for 3 seconds.until the indicator light lits up.

    (3) Drop in 30 different One Yuan coins.10 different iron Fifty Cents Coins & 10 different copper Fifty Cents Coins in a constant velocity sequently.when the indicator light is out.reseting complete. 4.Coin Signal Output One Pulse a a: According to COIN signal acceptance speed the machine needed.you can choose 20ms,40ms or 60ms 5.Range of Application It is suitable for all kinds of gaming machines.public bus.vending machines.water vending machines.coin telephones and other coin acceptance public facility systems.(handle all coin ,not include below 4 coins, 50 cent USD,AUD,NZD too large,and 1 Pound,too thick )


    Euro coin validator Acceptor slot selector